What would you do with if you felt more clarity, more in tune with your highest self and more in control of your health & wellness than ever 

Beyond Wellness Retreats Presents: Soul Alignment Retreat

March 30th - April 7th 2024

What if you could…

Fully immerse yourself in love and intention?  

Simplify and deepen your meditation practice?  

Connect with your soul family?

Experience the original Vegan Lifestyle on a Rastafari mountain?

Embody your highest potential and live the life of your dreams

Go beyond commercialized wellness and become a self-healer?

If you said yes to any of these, this retreat is for YOU!

What is it?

A Journey Beyond Wellness is a 9-day 8-night experiential retreat intentionally designed to elevate your vibrational frequency, bring you in tune with your highest Self and make you feel BLESSED!(AKA: Love yourself!). 

Set in the peaceful mountains of Saint Lucia, you'll enjoy plant-based cuisine, full body cleansing, group meditations, and intimate time in nature. Everything is set up for you to remove distractions so you can rise into your divine nature, There's no better way to start the year!

This is not your standard commercialized retreat. Everything we offer is with the love and intention as you are family. 

What's Included:

  • 9-day/8-night stay on our secluded 100% renewable energy Rejuvenation Centre/herbal rainforest
  • 7-day guided whole body herbal detoxification
  • Luxurious plant-based cuisine and cooking lessons by Rt. Hon. Priest Kailash & Akeem Pierre
  • ​Daily breath-work, movement & mindfulness rituals.
  • ​Daily healing excursions to prominent St. Lucian sites, such as the active volcanic fields, Sulphur Springs, rainforests, waterfalls, breathtaking beaches & local markets
  • ​Interactive herbal lessons & personal wellness consultations.
  • ​Morning meditations & evening healing circles
  • ​Connection and friendship with like-minded individuals
  • ​Access to all wild fruits, herbs & vegetables in the forest
  • ​Plenty of time for relaxation, exploration & reflection
  • ​Transportation to and from the airport 

What's Not Included:

  • Airfare Costs
  • ​Travel Insurance

What our previous attendees are saying:

Spencer Philips

Sonoma, California

"I can't even compare it to other retreats, it's really something special. When I go home I'll definitely be shaking up my routine!"

Shadae King

Brooklyn, New York

"I've found my soul family! This was the first time in 29 years I could speak from the heart! It was such a safe space for both men and women."

Shaheda Jenkins

Detroit, Michigan

"I feel new, I feel new! I can hear it in my voice. I feel like I'm on top of everything that's been holding me down!"

Your Home Away From Home

On a lush herbal farm in the mountains of Saint Lucia, between exotic fruit trees and a freshwater spring lies our private rejuvenation center. Created with love and intention,
every detail on the land was designed to bring you into a state of love, and this will be 
your home for your stay. The healing sounds of the mountain will become your soundtrack. You will be one with the elements where you can rise into a state of bliss and connect with your highest self. 

Your Feasts

Your retreat includes plant-based cuisine at our Ital Kitchen located at the rejuvenation center, and we put love, love, love into every detail. The menu is designed using local ingredients, many of which come directly from the mountain you'll be exploring. It's a true farm-to-table experience! Leave the nourishment to our team of chefs so you can fully focus on your retreat experience. This will go alongside your full-body detox to have you leaving the retreat feeling more energized and vitalized than ever before! If you have a passion for cooking, you can also learn from our Ital chefs and bring home recipes that will change your life!

The Experience

Full Body Herbal Detox

Tune into your highest state of wellness by resetting and replenishing your body from the skin to the cellular level. This detox is used to help you heal from different conditions or is perfect as a reset!

Movement & Mindfulness Sessions

Bring mind, body, and spirit into alignment with Calisthenics, Qi Gong and primal movement. Master your mind through dynamic meditation and mindfulness practices.

Island Excursions

Explore the lush beauty of Saint Lucia while you take in its healing effects. Visit the drive-in volcano Sulphur Springs, white sandy beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, and the many virgin forests on the mountain.

Spring Celebration & Intention Setting

Spring is the original new year!! It's a powerful time to reflect and set your intention for the rest of the year ahead! After you set your intentions its only right you take some time to celebrate yourself and how far you've come in the most beautiful locations! 

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The Schedule

Day 1: Arrive & Unite

After being escorted to the retreat center and settling in, you'll enjoy a family-style dinner as you get acquainted with your new soul family. The night will commence with a healing circle and an invitation to tune into the land. You'll also begin your full-body detox with our colon cleanse.

Day 2: Relax & Cleanse

Following a morning meditation that honors the herbs and the land, we'll open our energy channels and promote flow and detoxification with a light movement session. We'll learn about the herbal journey we are embarking on through the expertise of Priest Kailash, and we’ll get a chance to explore the mountain and the herbal garden.

Day 3: Soak & Hike

This morning, we get to visit the world's only drive-in volcano where we'll take a cleansing mud bath in the detoxifying Sulphur Springs. From there, we'll take a refreshing bath in a natural waterfall in a nearby rainforest, enjoying the lush vegetation and wildlife along the way. The afternoon offers time for relaxation and exploration of the mountain, followed by a family-style dinner and a post-dinner circle with your new soul family.

Day 4: Beach & Vibe

After a grand rising meditation session we'll nourish our bodies with a plant-based breakfast! We'll then head to the beach to vibe, hangout and have a movement session with our toes in the sand. Next, we'll head to the local market for a tour of all the exotic fruits and unique gifts before returning to the mountain for a session with Honorable Priest Isaac

Day 5: Soak & Hike

Because we know one time simply won't be enough for you, we will visit the drive-in volcano and Sulphur Springs again on this day. During the afternoon, we'll return to the mountain for relaxation and exploration time. Then, we'll enjoy a family-style dinner and a post-dinner reasoning session for discussion and reflection. 

Day 6: Herbs & Freedom

We'll begin day six with a movement and mindfulness session followed by a nourishing breakfast. Priest Kailash will then lead our herbal identification course, demonstrating the intentionality that comes with healing our bodies. The remainder of the day offers us the freedom to explore the island as we choose. 

Day 7: Hike & Vibe

This morning marks the end of our 7 day cleanse which we will celebrate by climbing to the top of Saint Lucia's famous mountain, gros piton. This is a moderate difficulty hike that is around 2-3 hours each way. After the hike we will return to the mountain to relax for the evening.

Day 8: Nyabinghi Ceremony & Vibe

We'll begin our day by celebrating with Priest Kailash and his family by doing a Nyambinghi sabbath ceremony. This is a a traditional gathering that we are so blessed to be a part of. Everyone will be required to wear all white during this day to honour the celebration. We’ll enjoy a nourishing plant-based meal, and then in the evening, we are invited to participate in a full moon healing circle around the fire led by Priest Kailash.

Day 9: Integrate & Depart

On the last morning, we will gather to reflect on the past week and discuss ways to integrate, internalize, and ground our experiences. Then, we'll enjoy our last meal together and head home to bring the healing back into our daily lives.

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